It’s a key management goal to ensure that “Nobody Gets hurt”.

To achieve this goal the company has established various programs to ensure that SHE becomes a key objective in the business. These programs include:

  • Orientation of all new hires and service providers
  • Near Miss and Incident reporting
  • Incentive programs- staff and contractors
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Safety Tips - Transporting

skup samochodów Poznań

Mnóstwo ludzi nie ma pojęcia co zrobić z własnym zmęczonym pojazdem w chwili, jak chce sp..


Istotne jest to aby godny polecenia

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Cylinders should never be rolled

Cylinders should never be rolled on the ground. For heavier 40kg cylinders, the use of a handcart or..


Offload gently

Cylinders should be offloaded gently from the vehicle and should never be dropped from a height.


Upright position

Cylinders should be transported in an upright position, never in a horizontal position. When carryin..