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Safety Tips - Purchasing

Современные игры

Современные сетевые игры приобретают всё большую попу..

Obtain an official receipt

Please ensure that you obtain an official receipt. Remember this is proof that you purchased this cy..

White tamper resistant seal

Ensure that the cylinder you buy has a white tamper resistant seal bearing the genuine OiLibya logo ..

Safety sticker

Also, ensure that the cylinder has a safety sticker on its side, just below the collar. The safety s..

Ensure your distributor weighs

Ensure your distributor weighs your cylinder for you at the purchase point. This ensures that you ge..

Before buying a cylinder

Before buying a cylinder, inspect it for visible defects. Cylinders sold by Oilibya distributors wil..

OiLibya authorized dealers

Whether you are buying a cylinder for the first time or you are exchanging your empty cylinder for a..