Libya Oil Kenya Limited (LOKL) is fully committed to protecting people, the environment, assets and the company’s reputation.

We are committed to preventing SHE incidents and continuously improving our SHE Management System (SHE MS) in line with the guidelines from Africana Corporate Services, requirements of OHSAS 18001:2007 and also ISO 14001:2004 so as to attain our vision of flawless operations.

We are also committed to ensuring that we comply with applicable laws and regulations associated with the control of risks inherent in the handling, storage, distribution and marketing of our petroleum products and services.  This also applies to other requirements that LOKL subscribes to.

We shall communicate in a reasonable manner to all potentially affected individuals about SHE hazards associated with our products and activities.  Material safety data sheets shall be one form of such communication.

In the event of SHE emergencies caused by our operations, we shall respond quickly and efficiently, and cooperate with the industry organizations and authorized government agencies.

All parties that work on our behalf shall be expected to comply with our SHE MS requirements.

We aim to have first-in-class SHE performance that we can be proud of through proper management of resources.  This will be carried out within the framework of the following policies.


Safety Policy

The company policy with respect to safety is to:

  • Set incident prevention as our first priority.
  • Sustain efforts and commitment to identify, assess and mitigate safety risks linked to our activities.  This shall include security related risks.
  • Design, construct, set up management systems, provide training, operate and maintain facilities in a manner that safeguards people and assets.

Health Policy

The company policy with respect to health is to:

  • Identify, assess and mitigate health risks that our employees, contractors or the public may contract because of its operations.
  • Identify the hazardous properties of manufactured & handled products.
  • Implement programs and adequate preventive measures to control such risks.
  • Provide or arrange for medical services necessary for the treatment of employee occupational illnesses or injuries and for the handling of occupational medical emergencies.
  • Provide continuous education / talks on health related issues that focus on prevention.

Environment Policy

The company policy with respect to the environment is to:

  • Design, operate and maintain facilities to control emissions and waste to below harmful levels.
  • Make employees aware of their responsibility towards the environment and foster appropriate training and operating practices.
  • Monitor and measure the key characteristics of our operations that can have a significant environmental impact.

Rida Elamir
Managing Director
Libya Oil Kenya Limited
8th April, 2009

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