Welcome to OiLibya Lubes. We are committed to meeting all your lubricant needs and providing you with the technical and commercial support that you may require.

At Libya Oil we offer a full range of automotive, industrial lubricants and special purpose oils for numerous applications. Our products meet the most critical industry specifications and the requirements of the major equipment builders around the world. These industry leading products and are readily available through our petrol station network, distributor channel partners and can be supplied directly to our consumer customers.

The Oilibya range of products provides you with an opportunity to protect your most valuable investment in equipment using a unique blend of high performance virgin base oils and advanced additive systems. Our products are suitable for use in a wide variety of industries including commercial transport, passenger transport, construction, quarrying, cement and manufacturing, among others.

For more details, please see the attached product data sheets and material safety data bulletins.

Petrol Engine Oils

Oilibya markets a range of automotive passenger vehicle engine oils under the Oilibya Accel brand family.
OiLibya Accel brands area range of premium quality petrol engine oils with a unique formulation to guarantee outstanding performance in a wide range of applications and conditions. The product family has both multi-grade and mono-grade multipurpose, highly stable products that provide excellent protection for all petrol engines.
These products provide:

  • Reduced deposits and sludge, leading to cleaner and longer lasting engines.
  • Reduced wear, leading to lower maintenance costs and longer service intervals.
  • Trouble free operations of your valuable engines.

Products in this family include:

  • Olibya accel Fusion, API SM/CF, ACEA A3/B4-04, ACEA C3-08, MB 229.31
  • Oilibya accel Ultra, 20W 50 (API SL/CF; ACEA B3-98 ISSUE 2; VW 505.00, MB 229.1)
  • Oilibya accel Super, 20W 50 (API SG/CF/CF-2)
  • Oilibya accel Plus, 40 (API SG/CF)
For more details on the PDS and MSDS, click here for the full list.

Diesel Engine Oils

Our products address the challenges of modern diesel engines as well as the older fleets. From a single truck to a fleet, from highway mileage to high altitude mining, our product breadth and technical depth can overcome your challenges.

The OiLibya Deomax brands are a family of extra high performance diesel engine oils that provide superior lubrication for most modern as well as older diesel engines. These multi-grade and mono-grade products meet or exceed the most demanding specifications of the major global standards and meet the requirements of the leading engine manufacturers from Europe, USA and Japan. They are suitable for use in a wide range of applications including turbo-charged and naturally aspirated diesel engines. Whether in quarrying, transport, construction, mining or agriculture, these products are designed to perform for you and protect your valuable equipment.

These products provide:

  • Superior performance under the most severe conditions such as high loads, hot, cold, dusty or worse.
  • Extended engine life through maximized protection from wear.
  • Extended drain intervals due to longer oil life, saving you money and time.
  • Super-clean engines and trouble-free operations.

Products in this family include:

  • Oilibya deoMax SYN 5W40, (API CJ-4/CI-4 PLUS/CI-4/SM, ACEA E7-08; ACEA E9-08)
  • Oilibya deoMax SHP, 15W 40 (API CI-4/SL; ACEA E7/E5/B4; MB 228.3; Volvo VDS-3; Renault RLD; MAN M3275, MACK EO-M; MTU Type 2 quality)
  • Oilibya deoMax HP, 15W 40(API CF-4/SG; ACEA E2; MB 228.1, MAN 271, Volvo VDS)
  • Oilibya deoMax HD, 40 (API CF/SG)
For more details on the PDS and MSDS, click here for the full list.

Gear Lubricants

The Oilibya range of gear oils are formulated to be fuel efficient and deliver the ultimate performance in gears for your cars and trucks and the final drives for trucks and earth moving equipment. They perform over a wide range of environmental and operating conditions and guarantee year round protection for your equipment.

The Oilibya gear oil GL 5 & GL 4 is a range of specialized gear lubricants containing highly developed extreme pressure (EP) additives that are designed to meet rigorous demands of commercial-fleet manual transmissions, drive axles and final drives. This product is also highly suitable for heavy earth moving equipment, farm equipment and passenger cars.

These products give the following customer benefits:

  • Torque and shock loading.
  • Multi-purpose capability.
  • Full protection under severe operating conditions.
  • Resistance to high temperature oxidation.
For more details on the PDS and MSDS, click here for the full list.

Industrial Lubricants

Besides the automotive lubricants, Oilibya provides a full range of well tested industrial & commercial type of lubricants including:

  • Hydraulic Oils (Hydrol series)
  • Turbine Oils (Hydrol TO series)
  • Industrial gear Oils (Torque series)
  • Refrigeration Oils (Lyxol series)
  • Marine type of engine Oils (Marinegard series)
  • Compressor Oils (Glytech series)
  • And many more…

Forecourt service

Our friendly and professional staff at the forecourt will check your car oils as you fuel, to ensure your valuable car is well protected at all times. Where necessary, they will recommend to you a top up service to maintain the correct oil levels.
We highly recommend that you top-up your engine oil between oil changes, if there’s need to do so, to prevent damage to your engine. Regular top-up prolongs engine life, especially in tough driving conditions. The lower the oil level in your engine, the less engine protection is given.
Our staff will also ensure your engine coolant, brake fluid, screen wash and battery distilled water are checked and topped up if necessary.

Oilibya Autocare services

Whether you need emergency repairs or scheduled maintenance, our well equipped lube bays (where available) will offer you top of the range service to keep you on the road and ensure trouble free motoring. Our trained and professional mechanics on site will offer you straightforward non-technical advice on your service needs and provide mechanical and associated services that keep your vehicle running in top condition.

Technical Support

To provide value addition to our key customers, we have a set of extremely beneficial technical support programs. These programs are rendered to our identified key accounts freely and include but not limited to:

  • An experienced lube engineer on call.
  • Used Oil Analysis.
  • Computerized maintenance scheduling programs.
  • Gear inspection program.
  • Hydraulic cleanliness program.
  • Training programs.
  • And many more.


For inquiries about lubricants, please contact:

Specialties Manager on +254-20-362 2000

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