Branding Activities


The OiLibya brand was successfully launched into the Kenyan market at the end of 2007 and since then, it has created a niche for itself as a brand in the oil industry that is committed to pleasing its customers.

Through various marketing strategies, OiLibya has been felt in the Kenyan market, leaving those who interact with it with no doubt about what it stands for. Click on the read more links below to view photos on various OiLibya sponsored events.

Lubricants Campaign

OiLibya has recently launched a Media Campaign to promote their lubricants - Accel Super and deoMax SHP. Read More

Marketing Launch

The OILIBYA brand was launched in 2007 at a colourful event. This was supported through regional launches across the country as a way for the brand to be more intimate with its customers and business partners.

OiLibya Motorsports

OiLibya got into motorsports with the intention of increasing its visibility. Read more

Dealer Appreciation Activities

Without our dedicated service station dealers, our retail business would not thrive. Read more

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Dealer Appreciation

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