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Oilibya Card

oilibya card my allThe Oilibya card is safe and simple to use. The card aims to provide a smart way to manage your fuel, lubricants and services costs whether for fleet customers or individual motorist. It is a smart card that is Microchip based and PIN code protected.

Benefits of the Card:


The card offers added security through the following personalized options:

  • Product restriction
  • Geographical Zone restriction.
  • Day & Time restriction.
  • Personal PIN (smart chip technology).

Pre-authorized transactions

The card transactions are pre-authorized thus easing any delays that maybe caused by telecommunication congestion or breakdowns. This guarantees service at all the stations n matter the location.


This enables the card centre to set the limits as authorized by the cardholder on card usage either by product type or amount. This can be defined further into daily, weekly and monthly monitoring. This is a useful tool for control.

Warning Threshold

A parameter set in the card that prompts the cardholders whenever their credit balance is nearing completion. The threshold level is set to warn them when they only have enough credit for one filling.

Management Information Systems

This provides customers/ cardholders with fuel consumption reports. This service is useful in determining consumption rates and points out any inefficiency in vehicles.

Credit Download

Cardholders can download credit on to their cards at any of the selected terminals countrywide once it has been sent from the Card Centre.

Direct Credit Loading Credit

This allows credit to be loaded on to the card at any of the designated stations countrywide. The cardholder can deposits cash with the station/dealer and an equivalent value is loaded on to the chip. This is only available on the prepaid card.

Features Of the Card

Microchip Based

This is a 1kb microchip (smart card) embedded on the plastic. This mechanism facilitates the customization of each individual card to suit the needs and requirements of the client. The information customized on the chip cannot be duplicated.

PIN Code operated

The card provides a Personal Identification Number (PIN) which is used in place of a signature to validate all transactions made on your card(s). This code can be changed on request. This offers you safety and assurance.

Driver Codes

The card can be customized to ask for a driver code. This is optional and useful when companies wish to maintain an audit trail. Each driver is assigned a code separate from the PIN code. This feature is optional and is useful in fleet management.

Assigned to a Vehicle:

Each vehicle is assigned a card that may only be used to fuel that particular vehicle. The lifting of fuel products may not exceed the vehicle's tank capacity at the time of fueling or the set tank capacity in the card parameters.
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